International Convention


June 17 - 22, 2014


Nashville, TN

International Convention (ICON) is every year during the summer. For 2013 it will be held in Nashville Tennessee. More details about ICON can be found at

CKI debuted its first official convention in 1956 on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In attendance were representatives from 54 Circle K clubs—plus 145 individuals, including faculty advisors, Kiwanis sponsors, and CKI members. The convention helped establish CKI’s footing to grow as an International organization. During the convention, the site for the next convention was set (which would become the procedure until 1958 when convention sites for the next convention began to be chosen at least 60 days prior to the current convention to ensure it could be properly announced). In December 1964, a new policy to select International convention sites three years in advance was approved. The International Board set up the very first formal rotation plan for future convention site planning during the 1973-74 year. CKI convention sites now are planned five years in advance.