Spring Semester 2014:

Due to unique circumstances, our board of officers has changed in the middle of the year. Our current officers are shown below

Interested in joining Circle K? Here's how!

  1. Pay your dues!
    • Typically dues are paid at the beginning of the school year and last the entire year, but if you are joining this spring, they are only $25 and must be paid to Adam Familiant before 18 March 2014.

  2. Come to meetings!
    • We typically have meetings every Tuesday in Lloyd 133 at 8:15 p.m. Come and join us! During every meeting we discuss service opportunities and every several meetings we have a Circle-K social or a speaker. Members should typically attend about two meetings per month.

  3. Get involved with service!
      During every meeting we discuss service opportunities such as volunteering at the metro animal shelter, helping a habit for humanity build, participating in UA Dance Marathon, and much, much more!

  4. Join a Committiee!
      Circle-K has a lot of opportunities for you to develop yourself as a leader. If you have particular interest or talent related to one of the following committees, we encourage you come and ask to join!
      More Information: Cirlce-K Committees
      1. Membership Recruitment and Development
      2. Fundraising
      3. Programs
      4. Communication
      5. Public Relations
      6. Banquets and Socials
      7. Kiwanis Family Relations
      8. Scrapbook and Design
      9. Technology